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Detroit Moves Forward

The spirit of Detroit is reinvention. It's grit and determination. Inventiveness and creativity. It's an idea, a place, and a people. The city has been burned and rebuilt and burned and rebuilt again. Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus. Always rising. Always

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Kidpreneur Update: Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith being interviewed by TEDxDetroit curator Charlie Wollborg back in 2012 at the Gem Theatre and Joshua today with Detroit Free Press writer Cassandra Spratling-Odetoyinbo who was the first to report about his fundraiser. The kidpreneur interview is always

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We are the X.

"We are the X. The multipliers. The catalysts. The connectors. The amplifiers. The idea people who back it up with action. We challenge the status quo. We are creators, artists, entrepreneurs, designers, geeks, poets, scientists, thinkers and doers.

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Detroit’s Masonic Theatre

The neo-gothic architecture of Masonic Temple towers 210 feet into the Detroit skyline. 16 floors of limestone and steel are home to two grand theatres and countless mysteries. Here are a few interesting facts to tickle your inner Cliff Clavin.

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