TEDxDetroit, the annual gathering of the area’s leading thinkers, entrepreneurs, designers, educators, entertainers, artists, and innovators, will return with a live event at Sound Board Detroit. Speaker applications and early bird ticket sales are now open at TEDxDetroit.com.

The popular day-long conference, which attracts thousands of attendees from around the region, will celebrate its 15th year, curating a space for the best and brightest minds to share their ideas worth spreading. The TEDx format features inspiring, short talks from dozens of creative minds all designed to spark fresh thinking and collaborations.

“We love shining a light on these blue-flame thinkers from our area who are launching new businesses and making an impact in our community,” said Charlie Wollborg, curator of TEDxDetroit. “This whole day is designed to foster new connections and stretch the boundaries of possibility.”

Previous TEDxDetroit events have featured Pixar filmmakers, NASA scientists, autonomous vehicle pioneers, AR/VR creators, groundbreaking cancer researchers, and a host of startup founders alongside poets, magicians, and musicians. It’s an eclectic mix of speakers and performers you’ll only see at TEDxDetroit.

“We’ve had more than 400 inspiring speakers and storytellers grace our stage over the past decade and a half,” said Terry Bean, TEDxDetroit Executive Producer, “And still, every year we leave awed and inspired by new voices pushing us in interesting new directions.”

Another interesting facet of the event is TEDx Labs + Marketplace showcasing homegrown tech, art, and small businesses. It’s part business expo, part art gallery, and part science fair. Attendees can demo new tech, sample local cuisine, buy from local artisans, and meet the speakers in between sessions during TEDxDetroit.

“The talks at TEDxDetroit get the gears in your mind turning,” said Anu Gopalakrishnan, TEDxDetroit Labs Director and Executive Producer. “TEDxLabs brings those talks to life. It’s an opportunity for attendees to get hands-on, co-create art projects, meet startup founders, demo innovative technologies, sample new products.”

The first wave of tickets for TEDxDetroit 2023 are now on sale at TEDxDetroit.com Early-bird ticket pricing of $75 continues through June 30th.

Leaders, innovators, performers, and exhibitors are encouraged to submit an application on the TEDxDetroit website for speaking and exhibiting opportunities before the June 30th deadline. A selection committee will review all applications and inform hopefuls of the committee’s decisions later this summer.