In this blog series, we’ll profile some of the people on the stage, behind the scenes and in the audience at TEDxDetroit. Today, we sit down for a quick Q&A with Communications Manager for Avanti Press, Inc. and TEDxDetroit attendee Dave Phipps.

Title: Communications Manager
Company: Avanti Press, Inc.
Socials: @diptastical

How many TEDxDetroit events have you attended? I went to the one at the Fox, it blew my mind
What are you looking forward to at this year’s event? A total immersion in creativity from every corner of Detroit
What advice would you give to a first time TEDx attendee? Bring a good notebook and a working pen, make sure your phone is fully charged, be prepared to follow people on twitter even if you don’t use twitter that much – mostly listen and learn!

Lightning round:
Favorite restaurant? Lady of the House
Favorite watering hole? Park Bar
Favorite store? So many to choose from! Leon & Lulu
Favorite pastime? Painting
Favorite place to take out of town guests? DIA
Favorite place to visit in Michigan? Southfield
What are you reading? Pachinko by Min Jin Lee
What are you watching? Old seasons of Project Runway
What are you listening to? Krillin, Robyn, Denzel Curry
Favorite app? Headspace
Favorite TED talk? Lately I’ve been loving Yuval Noah Harari
Favorite TEDxDetroit talk? Sharina Jones, Tunde Olaniran, Amer Zahr

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dave. See you Wednesday, November 6th at TEDxDetroit.