In this blog series, we’ll profile some of the people on the stage, behind the scenes and in the audience at TEDxDetroit. Today, we sit down for a quick Q&A with Chief Engagement Officer of Meller Marketing and TEDxDetroit attendee Brenda Meller.

Title: Chief Engagement Officer
Company: Meller Marketing
Socials: Facebook + LinkedIn + Twitter + YouTube

How many TEDxDetroit events have you attended? 3 or 4
What are you looking forward to at this year’s event? I enjoy being inspired from speakers I know and local leaders.
What advice would you give to a first time TEDx attendee? Read up on the speaker lineup before attending. Connect with them on LinkedIn. Bring a fully charged phone so you can post on social media throughout the day. Bring your business cards. Volunteer (if you’re an introvert like me!).

Lightning round:
Favorite restaurant? Paco’s Tacos in Mt. Clemens
Favorite watering hole? The Infinity Sidebar in Fraser
Favorite store? Target
Favorite pastime? Jigsaw puzzles
Favorite place to take out of town guests? Grand Traverse Pie
Favorite place to visit in Michigan? Frankenmuth
What are you reading? In between books right now, but plan to re-read “Dare Mighty Things” by Tim Smith. He was one person who inspired me to become an entrepreneur.
What are you watching? 90210 reruns. Don’t judge. It was the first show that made the name “Brenda” cool! I’m nicer than her though.
What are you listening to? CNN in the car and Pandora while working at home.
Favorite app? LinkedIn. Of course.
Favorite TED talk? Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In is probably one of the most memorable for me
Favorite TEDxDetroit talk? Rita Fields talk, “How Eating From The Garbage Can Taught Me How to Lead”

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Brenda! See you Wednesday, November 6th at TEDxDetroit.